Pintereach Landing Page

During my first build week at Lambda School, I built a landing page using the skills I learnt, which included HTML5, CSS3, LESS and JavaScript.

This project was meant to test my understanding of the concepts I had previously learned.


Local Park Passport

LPP was built as part of my one (1) week Lambda School sprint. The project was built as a means to make it easier for people to find conducive parks in their locales.

During the build sprint, I worked remotely as a frontend architect on a team of two (2). It was a great learning experience on remote team collaboration. This project helped show mastery on certain react app building concepts like making Asynchronous api calls, authentication, routing and custom hook creation.



This app demonstrates the steps that are taken to get a minimal app that uses nodejs and expressjs for backend and react for frontend running.

The skills involved in building this project includes, creating an express server, an api to allow for test CRUD operations, integrating a React project in the same directory and finally deploying to the Heroku platform.


e v \ n s (This Website)

This is the portfolio website of Evans Ibok.

This website was built as a means to showcase projects I've worked on and technologies I'm proficient with.